Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making Sense of Grunt: Importing an Existing Project

Last year, I saw +Paul Irish's introduction to Yeoman in the Google I/O 2012 session, and I instantly knew that I was fundamentally doing something wrong. Yeoman did not exist yet; but it was easy to find Grunt, which was already close to being well baked. However. All of the documentation for Grunt, its cousin Brunch, and the now available Yeoman seems to be geared toward starting new projects.

Not yet grokking how the whole system worked, I wanted a simple, straightforward explanation for migrating an existing project into Grunt. I have not yet found one, and a search for "import existing project into Grunt" still returns my SO question for the same in the top 10. So, this is my guide to taking a project and making it grunt.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

From JsDoc to Github Pages in 27 easy steps (aka API Documentation Considered Evil)?

I ask the question, because I assume it must be (considered evil)--on the subsequent assumption that if it were not (considered evil) that someone, somewhere, somehow would have made it easy. I had a simple vision: take JsDocs from my project, convert them to an API document, publish that document to my Github pages place.

Impossible is nothing.