Some People Climb Everest; I Hike My Desk

10:00 PM

It's been said that behind every great man is a Tenzing Norgay. Behind me are ten.

Many try to scratch the itch of ambition with the satisfaction of goals which can actually be achieved.

Walking on the moon.
Discovering non-carbon-based life.
Falling in love and drowning there.
President of the World?

Contrary to the social norms and conventions which traditionally define success, I look to Sisyphus. That guy (albeit involuntarily) attempted to do the impossible. That smarts of the kind of irrational optimism this world desperately craves.

So, too, will I. I will hike my desk. A infinite number of miles over a finite (working) lifetime. Each mile down a mile no closer to the goal.

But I'll do it.

Because it's there.

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  1. Nifty. I think you should get the other part of the panorama for that lighthouse. Fortunately the shelf can't hold any more monitors.
    Actually now that I think of it you _could_ walk on the moon too, just change get a moonscape.

    Just out of curiosity, when exactly does the request for a A/D converter to log the steps onto the blog get here?

  2. When I figure out how to add the daily miles to a calendar widget, I'll do that. Until then, you can see The Stats at the top link.


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