i pity them

9:02 PM

family is a strange thing. this is overly generic. family is an evolved concept, evolved out of necessity for the preservation of species. it is both a biological connection between generations and a social grouping, collecting different biological chains together into one label. this can be extraordinarily useful as members of the group assist the survival of each other.

it becomes problematic when members of the same species begin to evolve family as a means of competition for survival among members of the same species. we begin to see communication barriers between groups when the group differs according to loose labels like 'race' or 'orientation' or 'gender'.

the more evolved realize that survival requires codependence. no one creature can endure without the mutual support of others. the less evolved recoil at the thought of intra-group communication. to them, the infidels must die and the righteous must rise.

to the other side, dialog is an abomination. the only course is the fire.

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  1. Thank you for keeping this blog. I appreciate your point of view.


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